CoastPointe is a non-denominational church with a vision for making a difference that matters in its community and beyond. 


We are looking for ways to serve families.

We are looking to share Jesus' love one life at a time.

By sharing Him with “one” we believe we affect a family, a neighborhood, and a community.


At CoastPointe we believe every person matters!


Our hope is that every guest at CoastPointe will experience God,

a loving people, and leave having discovered a family.



Connect at CoastPointe


Connect to God

He has designed us in His likeness and wants a relationship with us. 

Each Sunday at CoastPointe, you will experience this connection 

through worship that is honest and filled with His presence. 

We are called to extend LIFE UP (Life toward God).


Connect to Others

CoastPointe is a redeeming, “first chance” and “second chance,”          church.

If you are searching for what Jesus and a community of believers           has to offer, you have come to the right place.

If you are searching for a restart to your faith walk and a reconnection to a community of believers, you have come to the right place. 

We are called to extend LIFE IN (Life toward Church).


Connect to serve

God gives each of us a life purpose and the opportunity and gifts to    pursue it.

At CoastPointe we help people discover both purpose and Spirit-given gifts.

We are called to extend LIFE OUT

(Life toward Community).