New to CoastPointe? You will quickly discover we are not "about us" but "about others." So, whether your bent is hospitality, helping the needy, or giving back to the community, you will find an opportunity to serve at CoastPointe.


We are currently building teams in these areas:  hospitality and worship.

Hospitality: There is nothing quite like meeting a friendly face when you arrive at church. This team provides the smile coming and going. 

Band: We are looking for talented singers and instrumentalists, but we also have some positions for setting up and assisting with the running of media for worship. All services are taped, and integrate a variety of multi-media, which is continuing to expand.

Drama: Our worship integrates music, media, and dramatic readings and skits, along with teaching. We are currently building a drama team.

Interested in helping out? You can call us at 281-734-7297 or use this form.

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