This story inspires CoastPointe's existence. Peter, an Apostle of Jesus, wants to join Him on the water, so Jesus invites him to take a step out of the boat. Peter does and just like Jesus, he walks on water. But like us all, he becomes preoccupied by the storm around him rather than the Lord before him; his eyes drift from Jesus and his feet lose buoyancy. Yet in the midst of Peter's failure, Jesus remains faithful, He extends a hand lifts Peter to salvation. (Matthew 14:22-33) 

CoastPointe Church finds its foundation for existence and passion for purpose from this story. The word coast directs us to the water’s edge, and pointe locates us along the shore at a position extending out into the water. From here we watch and hear the story unfold and the call to make the story our own. 

The message? Peter can certainly be criticized for failure to focus, but at least he stepped out of the boat. We too are invited to step out of the boat and trust Jesus to lead our lives. Is it a risk? Yes! Will we always follow perfectly, no! But, with the boldness to step toward Jesus we own the promise of Jesus to step toward us. When we sink, His hand is nearby to lift us back to the surface.

We call our small group interaction, “Water’s Edge.” It fits our ID story and offers the opportunity to form relationships with others, as we share in the study of the Word and prayer.  

Finally, remember as risky as it is to step out of the boat, if I want a relationship with Jesus it is found on the water where He is not in the boat where He is not.

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