This story inspires CoastPointe's existence. Peter, an Apostle of Jesus, wants to join Him on the water, so Jesus invites him to step out of the boat. He does, but when taking His eyes off Jesus, begins to sink. Even in the midst of Peter's failure to focus, Jesus remains present to rescue. (Matthew 14:22-33) 

The story offers a foundation event for our church name. The word coast is associated with the water’s edge, and pointe positions us on the shore, at an elevated position extended out into the water. From here we can clearly see the story unfold. We are invited to hear the message, and allow the story to become our own.

The message? While we can criticize Peter for taking his eyes off Jesus,  at least he stepped out of the boat. Like Peter we are each invited to step out of the boat and trust Jesus to lead our lives. Is it a risk? Yes! Will we always trust perfectly? No! What happens when we lose a little faith and find ourselves sinking in troubles? Jesus extends His hand to rescue.

We call our small groups “Water’s Edge” because as you form relationships and friendships with others, and as you share together in the Word and prayer, you mutually invite one another to step out of the boat.


If you want to know more about being in a small group, then join us for a cookout this Sunday evening,

April 3, from 4:30-6:30. For location email