So what is worship like at CoastPointe?

It is best described by these words: energy, variety, table, and Word.

We believe worship that is filled with life reflects a passion, or energy for God. 

We also believe that worship that employs variety reflects our nature as relational beings who are made in His image with emotion and intellect. So expect to see instruments, video, drama, and testimony, as examples.

Every week at CoastPointe all who attend are invited to share in communion, or the table. This weekly celebration of our freedom in Christ is a long held practice by believers, as a key reason for gathering to worship. 

Finally, we believe in the importance of the teaching of the Word. We believe it should be delivered with conviction, the creativity Jesus is known for, and be relevant to people's lives. 

At CoastPointe you will find the atmosphere relaxed–no reason to dress up or dress down, and you will find it God focused.