• Dr. Jerry Nelson

110 Years of Marriage and Counting

In a recent series on dating and marriage, terms that are not mutually exclusive, I asked two of our families that had logged over 110 years of marriage between them, what they would say to our church. The following is their advice on building a successful marriage.

1. Make sure that you have a church family and that prayer is a part of everyday

2. Never expect marriage to be 50/50. Be prepared to give more than your share..

3. IF you have a family at home, supper together is a must.

4. TALK, nothing should be off limits.

5. Take time to do family retreats, or a marriage encounter. Love & respect is a good choice.

6. Realize that the person you married is not perfect, nor am I.

7. Relish the good time together and be thankful for weathering the tough times.

8. There are always two sides to every story.

9. Love her and respect him.

10. Laugh together

11. Finally, to reemphasize, spend TIME together. There is no substitute.

I'm sure both couples would be the first to admit they do not have the market cornered on marital wisdom. That being said, when you have been married for 60+ years and 50+ years, you probably have something to say to those of us whose marriages, by comparison, are still in infancy. I'M LISTENING!

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