• Dr. Jerry Nelson


So often church is a place to laugh, celebrate, and dream. But, can it be more... Can it also be a place to search, wobble, and even mourn?

CoastPointe hosted its first "Service of Remembrance" last night to walk with people through the memories of friends and families whom they have lost. It was a walk of faith, but also of tears, hugs, disappointments, and hope.

Our goal at CoastPointe is to build a faith community that is more than one dimensional. One that joins people in the storm and helps them as their grief finds companionship with gratitude, knowing that the alternative is grief imprisoning life.

The premise is simple. The God whose eyes produced laughter also produced tears. And His church, too, knows the stain of a tear following the crevice of pain etched in the face of the broken.

Hear my prayer, O Lord, Let my cry come to you! (Psalm 102:1)

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