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Celebrating His Greatness

Updated: Jan 24

I am never at my best until I recognize the tears of imperfection that describe me and the seamless fabric of perfection that describe God. The prophet Isaiah was struck by this recognition as He contemplated approaching God (Isaiah 6), and he is not alone. Men and women from the opening pages of Scripture to the index in the back all recognized one distinct similarity in the genders-no one is perfect (Romans 3:10).

God's perfection while providing the awe and humility that gripped Isaiah also calls forth deep gratitude from me. First, I am grateful that He loves me as I am and not as I should be. Second, I am grateful that He comes to me where I am, with all my moral cracks and inconsistencies, but loves me too much to leave me there. And three, I am grateful that rather than avoiding my wounds and tears, He shoulders them. His embrace of me summons from within me what cannot be restrained, gratitude for His greatness.

Celebrating His greatness, I recognize how desperately I need Him. I need Him to give me the wisdom and knowledge to be the husband, father, and grandfather my family deserves. I need His strength to overcome the physical and emotional challenges that life delivers. I need Him to remind me that my church, His church, needs a pastor who loves unconditionally and gives selflessly. And finally, I need Him to reach through me into the lives of the people I work with, made in His image, purposed for lives of glory.

A life of glory is my purpose as well: one that brings a smile to a Divine face, honors a Divine heart, and reflects a Divine presence.

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