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Faith in Uncertain Times

Updated: Jan 18

Sitting at the gate and waiting for my plane to load and leave, texts from friends caught my attention. The capitol was under attack. The past year has been so unusual, that "never before events in my lifetime" no longer seem beyond belief. I noticed a few fellow travelers gathering around a monitor to watch the D.C. bedlam unfold.

Even before the crisis was resolved and congress was allowed to return from the refuge they had been hurriedly ushered to, the blame game ensued. Reality and responsibility often feel more like tennis balls being exchanged between political parties. Power is the goal and blame is the strategy.

As believers we live in the midst of the conflict and feel the pressure of uncertainty. We struggle with the fear of what might be and embrace the hope of what can be. However, we witness the human power brokers, impending policy and legislation moves, and verbal barbs with particular tools in the tool box, which allow us to survive and thrive. What are they? First and foremost, we walk by faith not by sight knowing that Jesus remains on the throne regardless of the occupants in the White House and Capitol Hill. Second, we live not to exercise power and control, but relinquish power and control to Jesus.

If the last few weeks, months, and years have taught us, or I should say reminded us of anything, they have reminded us that we live in a broken world. And while in America we are grateful for the glowing dimensions of our heritage and freely admit the moral blunders on the historic landscape, as Christians our passion is a kingdom not of this world and a power transcending this world. It is also a joy that is not dependent on the political season, but Divine presence.

"We walk by faith, not by sight," 2 Corinthians 5:7.

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