• Dr. Jerry Nelson

Not So Boring

I admit it, Proverbs has been the occasional pit stop in preaching, but on the whole a rather boring side venue from more exciting places in Scripture, at least to me. That's changed! I decided to make it the base for the current preaching series on relationships, you know that thing preachers "get on" occasionally and start telling people how to date and have great marriages.

So I began to read it through repeatedly, some days two or three times. I found the tidbits on marriage I was looking for, but I also found a lot more. The greater discoveries were not the preacher pivot points, but the personal pivot points. Here are a few of my discoveries.

1). I do some really smart things. "This excited me to know."

2). I do some really dumb things. "This, I could have gone without knowing."

3). People who talk a lot, say little. "This gets rather personal for a preacher."

One more...

4). God doesn't drop wisdom out of the sky, He cultivates it within a faithful heart. "The drop out of the sky tactic is, however, a more convenient method."

These were a few of the things I learned. My suggestion? All believers need to spend more time walking slowly through the Proverbs like a training lab for life. Whether it's business, ministry, or offers wisdom...advice that can change you... actually, will change you. Just get ready to be offended!

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