• Dr. Jerry Nelson

Reaching Your Potential

Reaching Your Potential! Its the goal in business and relationships. It is also the goal for disciples who value a relationship with Jesus. The Point is not, however, to achieve that potential in order to feel better about self. That would be an idolatrous pursuit. The objective is to honor Jesus.

We honor Jesus when our life grows in increasing ways characteristic of His attitude and actions toward God, self, and others. What is critical to this happening is a good view of Him. In the Gospel of Mark we are invited to come close and listen in as He speaks and acts.

One way we can come close is by employing the senses as lens through which to fully invest in the scenes. Spectacles that will equip us to see the depth of His heart and the breadth of His love. And adjustable tint to see with clarity in the brightness of the day and the darkness of the night.

As the Gospel of Mark opens the sound of preaching, the splashing of baptism's water, and the proclamation of a coming kingdom calls us to decision about who He is and the cost of following HIm. Discipleship is no walk in the park. Adding to the sounds of mercy, He gives us vision to see beyond our circumstances, achievements or lack of achievement, and even the controlling religious strategies that often restrict rather than motivate faith. For instance, there is nothing wrong with fasting and Sabbath, but they can become practices that are life-taking rather than life-giving.

Discipleship can be summed up as a journey into life-giving practices with the one who is the source. The senses, the ones named and others, when used to engage the unfolding events allow us to experience with greater clarity the moments we spend with our teacher. Reaching Your Potential begins and ends in His classroom.

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