• Dr. Jerry Nelson

The Season

We are entering the season of Advent when believers around the world begin the formal journey toward the arrival of the Christ-child. There have been years in which I walked through the season with weekly intentional emphasis on the approaching Manger scene. Last year was such a year here at CoastPointe. Our first year, we were staking out in remarkable fashion what the season said to and about our faith. Then, there have been other years where I gave less weekly emphasis and yet paused to celebrate the event when it happened on that first Christmas Eve. This year will be one of those years at CoastPointe. While we are not lighting candles every week we are lifting up the Christ-child, and especially on the Sunday before Christmas when I will bring the message "The Arrival" and on Christmas Eve when we will light candles and imagine what the moment was like when a manger was Christened with the presence of God.

The Season is a special time of year when we annually experience the breath of God uniquely animating life all around us.

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