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So what is worship like at CoastPointe? Energy, variety, table, and

Word are fitting descriptions. We believe worship filled with life,

reflects a passion or energy for God. We believe worship with variety

reflects our nature as relational beings who are made in His image

with emotion and intellect. We believe the weekly worship of the

church includes the table or communion, just as it was for the early

church, as a celebration of our freedom in Christ. 


At CoastPointe we practice open communion, which means that all

who attend are invited to share in communion. 

Finally, we believe in the importance of the teaching of the Word. delivered with conviction and creativity, and made relevant to people's lives. 


At CoastPointe you will find the atmosphere relaxed–no reason to dress up or dress down, simple, and real. We are a young church, so few bells and whistles, but you will enjoy a worship experience that offers meaning and depth. Try us out and see if the atmosphere fits.

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